French Network of Biological Resources Centres « microorganisms » (FBRCMi)

In the current context “microorganisms” mean microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, cyanobacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi, protozoa and protists, as well as their replicated parts and other derived materials (genomes, plasmids, DNA for example).

The Biological Resource Centres (BRC) of microorganisms are responsible for preservation, production, control and distribution of microorganisms according to OECD best practices guidelines (quality, control, bio-safety…) for Biological Resource Centres (2007). They are essential research infrastructures in living sciences, contributing among others to the progress in biotechnologies, health and agriculture.

The French Network of Biological Resources Centres for « microorganisms » (FBRCMi) merges presently around 10 Biological Resource Centres from different institutions. It is a real research and development tool owing to the amount and diversity of preserved resources.

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